Tubworks, Inc.
Secret to our success? You!

Softub T-140
This is the tried-and-true Softub T-140, and includes full service delivery, setup, and emptying and removal. I get sooo many compliments on the tub and how it is the greatest thing while in labor. I never get tired of hearing that. The Softub requires some skill and experience to set up properly, so I cannot let a client do that on their own.

What do YOU have to do?
1. Pick a spot for the tub that you are confident will hold the tub and that I can get the tub to. This step requires some discussion, but don't let it worry you too much.

2. Once you get the tub, keep everyone safe. Talk to a medical professional about using the tub. Keep kids and pets safe. Hot tubs are dangerous if safety is not taken seriously.

3. Maintain the tub by following the maintenance instructions.

4. Keep the tub safe by keeping away sharp things (maybe including pets with claws).

5. Let me know when you are done with the tub.

That is it!

Business is for sale!
We have closed, and tubs are for sale here.